Syras helps you work with a team of other collaborators.

Anyone can create a project. The project creator is the Admin for that project.

Screen articles✔️
Export screened articles✔️
Project management (rename, delete, etc.)✔️

Import the corpus✔️

Perform deduplication✔️

Manage article sets (split, delete, assign)✔️

Invite collaborators✔️

Assignments: you can assign article sets to individual collaborators, either one or many. 

Invites and notifications: Collaborators are notified when they have an article set assigned to review. Administrators will be emailed when they accept the invite, start, and finish screening.

Team dashboard: You can see the entire team, assignments, and whether they’ve accepted their invite, an ability to resend, reassign or de-assign, or delete them. This is visible to the entire team, but only the administrator can take actions.