Visual Keyword Highlighter

This adds a highlight words when viewing the abstract during screening. You may enter a list of both good and bad keywords. Good and bad keywords are tallied to produce positive and negative scores. This lets you see at a glance the appearance of all your terms.

Screening Criteria Checklist

A screening criteria checklist allows Project Administrators to present a set of criteria the collaborators should consider during screening before “including” or “excluding” an article. You can set up a list that displays each criteria, or turn each criteria into a checklist. The reviewer can then record whether an article passes, fails, or is uncertain on each criterion.

The list is displayed during screening. The reviewers’ choices during screening will be displayed during disagreement reviews, and in exports to allow you to make a detailed comparison between multiple reviewers. 

Blinding Controls

Project administrators can select which fields to display for all screeners, from the available data. Fields available are: 

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Authors
  • DOI (if available
  • Publication Date (if available)
  • Publication / Journal (if available)

This can be changed at any time.