We all make mistakes. If you've started screening, and need to add more articles to your corpus, you can go ahead and import another file. 

When you do this, it's prudent to scan for duplicates once again. In the review process, Syras will highlight any articles that have already been reviewed, so you can see which articles might be better to keep. 

In the automatic-delete mode, Syras will keep any articles that have been reviewed already.

Duplicate scanning on split article sets

If you have split your articles for team members to scan, you have a more complex workflow here. 

You will need to: 

  1. Delete your split article sets that have progress with team members
  2. Complete the import of new articles
  3. Run your new scan for duplicates, notice that any reviewed articles are highlighted
  4. Split the main corpus into your sub-sets. 

This process will retain the reviews from reviewers, but will not guarantee that the same collaborator will get the same set of articles in the second split.