Does Syras have a per-month cost?

No, at Scipilot, we think the frequency at which people complete systematic reviews doesn't suit a subscription model. With the typical costing structure for systematic reviews, we believe a one-off per project payment is more appropriate.

How do I upgrade and pay?

When your normal product usage brings you to a feature that requires you to upgrade from the free / demo project, you'll get a screen that lets you pick which project tier you want to upgrade to. This sends you off to a cart, and when you get back, you can keep charging ahead with your project.

How do I know which project type is right for me?

If you're working with more than 2 other people, chances are the team project is right for you. You can easily upgrade between single and team projects for the same total cost. 

How long is my project + data available? 

Since we have a one-time payment, the project won't be available on the internet forever. We're currently committing to your project being available for 9 months, but beyond that time we aren't able to provide a guarantee of it's availability. We don't yet have a policy of deleting projects.

What's the maximum number of articles Syras can work with?

Syras has a 15,000 article limit. We currently don't make exceptions to this limit. The primary reason for this limit is the processing power required to scan for duplicates. 

Scanning for duplicates is an exponential problem, as each article needs to be compared with every other article. The difference between 15,000 and 20,000 articles is roughly double the computing power, so we've picked what we think is a reasonable number, for now. We may look at changing this in the future. Please provide feedback if you'd like a higher number!

What customer support is available?

We are a small team, and at this point, we endeavour to get back to support requests within 1 business day.