When you're comfortable with how Syras works, you can go ahead and purchase an upgrade for your project. 

You can do this from the Project Listing screen, or you can import more than 300 articles into any demo project. Once there, you'll see padlocks on restricted functionality for your project. You'll be asked to upgrade to access anything from then on.

Upgrading multiple times

Syras has two paid project upgrades - the single-stream, and the team project. 

If you upgrade your project to the Single stream, it's easy to upgrade it to a team project. You just pay the difference. 

No way to on-charge others

We currently don't have an ability for a collaborator to pay for a Syras project upgrade. If one of your collaborators wants to pay for the project, but doesn't want to do the legwork, you'll need to ask them to pay you back ;)