The collaborators section of the Manage Project page:

When you're article corpus is ready to start screening, you can invite collaborators to Syras. There are a few steps involved here: 

  1. Enter the email of your collaborator - be sure to enter exactly and only the email address they will log in with - "", and not  "Email Address <>" 
  2. Assign the collaborator to an article set you want them to review (this ensures they don't arrive at a blank experience!)
  3. Send them the invite
  4. Confirm they have successfully signed up from within the table.

The person I've invited can't get in

If you've got yourself in a bit of a tangle with collaborator invitations, try the following: 

  1. Delete the collaborator from the team section of your project
  2. Ask them to sign up or sign in to Syras. 
  3. While they're signed in, ask them to copy the email address directly from the Syras account page, and send that to you.
  4. Add that email address in the team section of your project.
  5. Send the invite.
  6. Ask your collaborator to login to Syras.

After this process, your collaborator should have an invite they can accept when they sign into Syras.