You can upload multiple import files which get added to the “ALL ARTICLES” set. The filenames of the files you have uploaded will be listed to help you keep track of importing multiple files, (often journals make you export chunks and so it can get confusing).

Syras accepts files up to 100MB. It takes a minute or two to upload and process a file at that limit.

Supported file formats: 

  • RIS (.ris)
  • Medline / Pubmed (.nbib)
  • Endnote XML
  • Endnote JSON

If you make a mistake in your importing process, you can easily start again by using the "Reset Project" option in the Project Tools menu in the top right of the manage project experience. 

This will erase all imported files, all article references, any screening ratings, comments and entered criteria, all article sets and assignments. The team structure and any criteria definitions will be preserved.

Importing from Endnote

In Endnote, choose the references you want to export. From the File menu, select Export. From the Export file name dialog box, select the XML file type. Click save.

In Syras, choose your saved .xml file and select the Endnote XML file format. Click UPLOAD.