Syras supports a collaborative, phased review workflow with the concept of “Article Sets”. These enable you to divide the workload, split a corpus into multiple sets, and address disagreements between collaborators.

Create Subsets: Your full corpus is the ALL ARTICLES set. This set can be split to create multiple subsets for dividing and conquering. A popular example might be to have 10,000 references, which you split into two sets of 5,000. You can invite three other collaborators to screen, assigning two per subset. Half the work, twice the speed! 

How to split your corpus

Click the Split button to open the split dialog 

From here, you can specify how many sets you would like to split your corpus into. For example, specifying "3" will split the corpus into 3 equal sets.

Hit Go, and you'll return to a your Manage Project screen, with your new sets created. 

After you have completed your split, you can add, and assign your collaborators to the sets you want them to complete screening on. You'll no longer be able to review the ALL ARTICLES set.

What if I accidentally split my articles into the wrong number of sets?

No problem. Before you get too far into screening, you can delete the split-sets, and complete the split process again.