Use keyword-based search to bulk select and delete articles from your corpus to exclude them from your review. This helps you quickly find and eliminate articles that are definitely out of scope for your project. Examples include articles with certain keywords in the title or abstract, or articles from certain authors, or published on certain dates. These can be pruned from your corpus before screening begins.

Start by searching for a specific keyword. Click anywhere in a row to select an individual article, or select all matches of a returned search by clicking "select matches". 

Use "View Selected" to look at selected articles only, so you can check what you're about to delete across many potential pages of results. Note, the keyword search box filters the list, so clearing this filter ensures all selected articles will be shown.

Selected articles are remembered between searches and when jumping between pages, so you can search and select across multiple keywords, check the articles you plan to delete, and hit delete once. Clicking Clear Selected or Delete Selected clears the selection.

Pressing Delete Selection will delete all articles from the corpus. Note, you cannot undo this deletion, but you can still import more files and dedupe. You can repeat this process as many times as you like.